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Seal Coating

Asphalt inevitably experiences wear and tear due to the elements of weather. The intense Arizona sun will dry the oils out of the asphalt, causing the surface to become rough, faded and eventually crack. Sealcoating protects an asphalt pavement by sealing in the oils and blocking out the sun and other elements. Sealcoating also improves the overall appearance of asphalt pavements by renewing its dark black color. Our competitors use “special blends” in an attempt to keep their supply costs down. These “blends” are often below municipal standards and will leave your asphalt dried and cracked in just a few months.Asphalt & Concrete Concepts uses only top quality SealMaster MasterSeal MTR product when applying either spray or squeegee sealcoat. This product is the same sealcoat used on runways and racetracks, and will ensure the highest durability and quality! If you are interested in our sealcoating services, request a free quote today!

Crack Sealing

Over time, asphalt will form small cracks at its surface. Small cracks should be treated to avoid deeper, wider cracks from forming. While crack sealing is appropriate for “V” and “Y” shaped cracks, it is not suitable for all surface cracks.Contact an experienced Asphalt & Concrete Concepts expert to evaluate your asphalt surface issues and provide you with the best option for a long term solution!


Glendale Paving solutions has built its brand and business principals based on the core roots of our family. Integrity, honor, and appreciation for ourselves and those that are close to us. Our goal is to treat every client like our own personal family member with a fair budget, an amazing quality of work, and a timely manner. We've been servicing the valley for over three decades. So if you have any question and would like an estimate from a trust worthy brand, give us a call.

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